Begin with the Name of Allah Who is Kind and Merciful
When any one tries for something to do honestly, Allah helps him and makes that thing easy for him and all the means become provided automatically. One living example is the “Darse Quran and Hadith” which is now being spread all over the world through Internet. Let me tell you the background of these lessons in brief.
By the grace of Allah I was very fond of, and loved Quran from the beginning. I always wanted to spread the teachings and knowledge of Quran to every one. I used to live in an underdeveloped area of Karachi where mostly factory labourers reside. That area is called Labor square. I started delivering Darse Quran there after ‘Isha prayers in a small mosque called Jama’ Masjid Alkhadija. Some times I used to explain one Ayah and some times three or four but that continued as regular. Due to that, Allah Subhana wa Ta’ala bestowed upon me the ability to deliver the lessons of the whole Quran in big public gatherings. For some reasons this arrangement had to be discontinued for some years and certain obstacles made it look like I won’t be able to fulfill my desire. But then I met some very sincere and virtuous fellows of North Nazimabad Karachi. They are among the people whom Allah Ta’ala has really bestowed the deep feelings for DEEN E ISLAM and they understand it very well that it is not the only responsibility of a Muslim to follow the religion himself but also that he should try to spread the light of Quran and Hadith all over the world because as we see, today the whole world has plunged down into the darkness of infidelity, absurdity and obscenity.

There is no other cure for this darkness except the light of Quran and Hadith. Then, this should also be considered that when Christians can try to spread Christianity, why the Muslims should not try to spread their fully complete religion Islam and remain so until the last with the Holy Quran. The time will definitely come when the whole world will assemble under the flag of Islam. There is no other heavenly or otherwise book present that could solve all the problems faced by mankind. With this thinking these friends started Dars e Quran and reforming speeches in their home located in Block “N” of North Nazimabad Karachi. Some times they used to invite people from business community, next time they would invite people in service. Some time they would bring in relatives and some times they would make a gathering for women and would request prominent religious scholars to administer the Dars and deliver the speeches.

They were only trying to correct themselves along with other people to save themselves from being ashamed before Allah Ta’ala on the Day of Justice. These persons neither believed in sectarianism nor they wanted to form any party. They were sincere to Islam from the very beginning. They are happy and proud of what they are doing for Islam. Later on, this Dars was shifted to Madani Jama’ Masjid instead of their home after I met these friends. Now they are trying their best to spread the Dars e Quran by all means. With the help of cassettes, CDs and booklets this Dars is being extended on Internet for the at large. I would request all those who would listen to this Dars e Quran to kindly pray to Allah Ta’ala for a reward of success here and hereafter for these sincere friends and myself, Ameen.

I would like to make another request to you to kindly feel your responsibility as a Muslim and tell your friends wherever they live in the world, about this web site and invite them to listen the Dars and spread it every where. Insha Allah, the light of Quran will become common all over the world if we will work together with zest and zeal. Allah Ta’ala will reward us for this here in this world and on the Day of Judgment.

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